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My Little Brother and his friend made this one just kidding around its pretty funny.

MY RAP- just messing around with ross
Yo my name is Dan and I keep it real,
my mad beats be what you 'bout to feel.
People make fun cuz I dont have a car,
whats with all the fuss,
f that son, pimpin ride the bus,
Cant save my money, I be spending the cheese,
When I see your mama, I'll be sure to give her a squeese,
I like to call my arms cop killers,
That movie Finding Nemo was a real movie thriller,
I like your mom, shes a fox,
But please tell her to lighten up on using the botox,
I burn rubbers and I melt ice,
I mack honeys while lookin nice.

Chorus: When you see me in the club
Holla at
When your drinkin in the pub
Holla at me
When N*ggas gettin beat down with a cop club
Holla at me
When yo girl gives you a hug
Holla at me

Ross made this chorus^^

Ross's verse

Cuz we got the beats like Slam Master G
pimpin out fossils like my name was Lucy
So lets talk about all this bling im carryin
All these carrots like im an F'in vegetarian
All the playas who think they kno,
say hey but they dont know
I got cake like its my b-day and O wait! I dont think they heard me I said I got cake like everyday my b-day.
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