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God i havent written in this thing in forever. well at least nothing too serious.
have you ever wondered why nothing is spelt with an o instead of a u?
it just seems like it should be a u. nuthing. yeah i like that.
call up webster. i just made history. nuthing is now officially spelt with a u.
it even sounds like it needs to be spelt with a u. nuh-thing. nuthing.
anyways. the new year isnt bad. for all yous guys who dont know, i had a job at costco.
best damn job ever. 10$ an hour just to start. .25 cent
raise after 90 days. than a raise no based off of
performance no less than .25 cents every 800 hours that i work. plus the bens were good too.
i got laid off. yeah shitty especially when you get the news on new years eve. but
i also got the news that i could be called back. i thought
super fantastic. than i asked why i was laid off.
they said that the budget was low and they were not keeping
anybody. i thought fair enough. i will work off the rest of my
shift and call monday. to let them know im interested in comming back.
so wow yeah 2006 hot damn.
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